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Stockmen’s Realty was started by its broker, Nancy Belt, in 2005, and Nancy is proud to have added to her team a talented group of  individuals familiar with the industry that we work in.  All of our team has experience with the cattle industry/ranching and horses.  We are familiar with the various government agencies that oversee the grazing of livestock on public lands and can guide you through this process.  We will not only assist you with the sale or purchase of a property, but will assist in transferring those important leases, permits and water rights,too. Our brokers are familiar with land development and can help you assess a properties development potential.  Our territory covers all of Arizona and New Mexico.  We go where you are! 

We are ready to go to work for you.  Please take some time to read more about our team.



About Our Team

Nancy Belt

Phone: 520-455-0633
Mobile: 520-221-0807
Fax: 520-455-0733

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Info: Nancy grew up on a farm in upstate New York and moved to Arizona in 1981. Since that time she has been involved with land development in the southeast portion of the state where she worked as a project manager, land development manager and consultant for several major homebuilders/land developers. During that time Nancy also felt the call to go back to her agricultural roots and started BN Angus with a small herd of registered Black Angus cattle. Prior to starting this endeavor, realizing that raising livestock in Arizona was not going to be like raising livestock in New York, she completed a variety of classes in Cattle and Range Management at the University of Arizona. After leaving life in the fast lane of land development, Nancy began working with an Arizona ranch broker selling cattle ranches, farms and land where she was able to use all her past experience and added to it the experience of all the wonderful cattlemen, horsemen and just plain good folks she met during her time there. After having a successful track record with them, Nancy started the Stockmen’s Realty Brokerage.  Nancy is a licensed broker in Arizona and New Mexico.



Tobe Haught

Phone: 505-264-3368
Mobile: 505-264-3368
Fax: 520-455-0733

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Info: Tobe Haught grew up in central Arizona on several different cattle outfits that his father managed. After graduating high school he went to school in West Texas, graduating with an associate’s degree in applied science with an emphasis in ranch and feedlot operations. He then went on to finish his education at the University of Arizona with a BS in Agriculture Economics. Coming from a strong agriculture background Tobe, even when doing all of his other endeavors, has always maintained his agriculture roots by partnering with his family in cattle, horses, and ranches. The other endeavors include construction, working for the USDA, and a short stint at a feedlot. All these jobs have given him additional skills and abilities as well helped him increase his interest in the family operations. Tobe is currently a proud partner with his father on a small outfit in New Mexico. Being a 5th generation cattle rancher Tobe is looking forward to putting his experience, skills, and abilities to work for the clients of Stockmen’s Realty.



Jess Aldridge

Phone: 520-251-2735
Fax: 520-455-0733


Info: Jess Aldridge is a native Arizonan.  He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a major in Marketing and a minor in Economics.  Jess spent 11 years in the US Army.  He started as a private and rose to the rank of Captain in Ranger Airborne Infantry.  After serving his country Jess embarked on a business career for the next 20 years.  He specialized in mergers and acquisitions which included ownership, development and operation of retail chains, maquiladora factories in Mexico, national distribution companies and industrial applications.  Simultaneous with his business ventures Jess obtained a real estate license and worked primarily in the purchase and sale of farm land, ranches and development land.  In addition to brokering properties Jess has also developed and marketed his own properties.  He has acted as a consultant to a major bank teaching seminars on Return on Investment.

Twenty years ago Jess and his wife Shirley started owning and operating cattle ranches.  They have been operating commercial cow calf ranches.  They have owned five different ranches in Arizona and one in Texas ranging in size from 300-700 head.  Jess, Shirley and their daughter Erin most recently operated a ranch in the Willcox area.  If you are looking to buy a ranch Jess brings a unique perspective to what works and to the needs of the buyer.  Jess can educate the novice and relate to the serious cattleman.  If you are looking to sell Jess has the knowledge and experience to get you the best deal possible since he understands both the business side of ranches and the marketing needed.  We are excited to have him on our team.



Harry Owens

Phone: 602-526-4965
Fax: 520-455-0733


Info: Harry Owens specializes in farm sales due to his extensive farm/agricultural experience.  Harry is a graduate  from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a bachelor of Science in Animal Nutrition and a minor in chemistry.  In addition to farm sales, Harry is an experienced crop advisor and is owner of Tierra Verde Advisors, Inc., providing consulting and testing services to farm customers in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.  He is a skilled diagnostician of crop production problems and mitigation; experienced in soil moisture monitoring; irrigation scheduling and in the evaluation of irrigation water quality and development of management plans; and is qualified to evaluate farm location, soils and irrigation water as they relate to productivity for investors.  In addition to being a business owner and producer of registered Dorper Sheep on his farm in San Simon, AZ, Harry at one time owned a 480 farm in San Simon, a testing lab and worked as a crop advisor and sales representative for a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal feed and specialty chemicals.  We are fortunate to have Harry on our team.


Tamra Kelly

Phone:  928-830-9127
Fax:  520-455-0733


Tamra Kelly is a native Arizonan, having spent most of her life in Prescott, Arizona. Tamra received an A.A. degree in paralegal studies in 1995 followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2004, and her graduate degree in Public Administration with honors in 2009. Tamra is a nationally Certified Legal Assistant through NALA and has earned the professional respect of attorneys and judges as a result of her compassion, commitment and professionalism in the practice of law.  Tamra's experience includes; managing The Rancher’s Wife – a local retail store she opened in the summer of 2012; Kelly Beef – family owned and operated natural grass-fed beef operation; and the Kelly's law firm.  Tamra also volunteers in her local community providing her time and resources to legal workshops, New Adventures Day Care Center and Veteran’s Administration Legal Assistance Program.

Tamra is married to Thomas Kelly. Together they are the parents of six children. Their greatest love is their family. The Kelly family enjoys traveling and outdoor activities ranging from cattle ranching to river running, skiing and scuba diving. In addition, the Kelly’s maintain a sizeable herd of cattle on two ranches in Mohave and Yavapai Counties. We are excited to have Tamra's talents and abilities on our team.


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